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I'm a full stack developer with over 7 years hands-on experience in application development. Love to transfer creative and interesting ideas into real products, and launch them. In addition to that, I have mindset, ability and experience to work well in enterprise, startup and distributed team environments. The most important thing is that I really enjoy every moment and always have fun when building things! I'm open to any new adventures and job opportunities worldwide, so feel free to drop me an email. :)

Here's what I've achieved so far

  • Airity

    Full Stack Developer·Scrum Product

    Airity, a web application, provides users with local air quality information.

    Designed UI and developed system that processes and visualizes data.

    Built a service that monitors and reports production status by using Slack and Hubot.

    Working on native app version. :)

    Key Skills: React, Webpack, Python, Bash, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Nginx and Digital Ocean.


  • Kosah

    Full Stack Developer

    Transformed the architecture into container-based services.

    Migrated all services from a single node to CoreOS clustered environment.

    Implemented feature toggles in produdction environment using ETCD.

    Designed and developed features using AWS S3, SQS, SES and Lambda.

    Mentored and managed a junior developer.

    Key Skills: PHP, Python, AngularJS, Bash, Docker, CoreOS and Amazon Web Service.

  • Central Aire Tech Corp.

    Full Stack Developer·Freelance Work

    Built official site and a web-based application for product management.

    Achieved other features such as RESTful APIs and Nginx load balancing.

    Key Skills: Python, Django, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Nginx and Amazon Web Service.

  • JSONFeeder

    Full Stack Developer·Solo Project

    JSONFeeder, a free SaaS application running on GAE, allows users to create their own JSON data generator in few steps.

    Key Skills: Python, Webapp2, Bootstrap, Google App Engine.


  • My Spell Checker

    Full Stack Developer·Solo Project

    My Spell Checker, a free web application running on GAE, helps non-native English speakers to reduce incorrect spellings for their writings.

    Key Skills: Java, Spring and Google App Engine.


  • Pocket Fridge

    Full Stack Developer·Solo Project

    Pocket Fridge, a free SaaS application running on GAE, provides a smart food management solution to make users’ life more organized.

    Key Skills: Java, Spring, JQuery, Flat-UI, Google Cron Service, Google Datastore.


  • Metro of Taipei / Metro of Kaoshung

    Firefox OS Application Developer·Solo Project

    These 2 Firefox OS apps allows tourists and commuters to get information about the routes and stations of the metro of Taipei and Kaohsiung.

    Key Skills: HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery Mobile Framework

  • JC Software Services, Inc.

    Full Stack Developer·Technical Lecturer

    Designed and developed large scale systems for commercial banks in collaboration with IBM’s teams.

    Selected to attend meetings for evaluating the needs of the client, and provided professional consulting to resolve their IT problems and concerns.

    Selected to serve as a lecturer for transferring technical knowledge and skills to employees in commercial bank’s IT department.

    Designated to serve as a teacher to train 10 new team members and hold code reviews with them.

    Key Skills: Java, Spring, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse RCP and web service technologies.

If you have any suggestions, questions or even find some typos, feel free to contact me. Thank you! :)

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